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The Copenhagen Bakery caters to all tastebuds with its wide selection of freshly filled bread rolls, panini, ciabatta, bagels, croissants, pide' and pastries, of many flavours, hot pies, savouries and sausage rolls which line the shelves on a day-to-day basis.

John's traditional baking skills and passion for great bread and pastry is clearly evident from the quality of goods produced and the queue which often extends to the shops' front door. The bakery is constantly evolving, and new products and ideas are constantly being introduced to keep up with customer demand.

Popular European sour dough breads include the Danish black bread called “Ryggebrod”, wholemeal, sunflower and linseed multigrain, kibblerye, Italian focaccia, ciabatta, Turkish pide' and baguettes, viennas and sweet or savoury pull-a-parts in a variety of different flavours. The sour dough rye breads, with their tasty crust and bite are becoming extremely popular not only with the European tourists but with the local market as well. These breads are all naturally fermented overnight, and are very nutritious and high in fibre.

The variety of tasty bread rolls, bagels, panini's and croissants are filled with quality salads and meats, including ham off the bone and real chicken. Baked goods are consistently made fresh throughout the day to keep up with the customer demand. Hot cross buns are a huge seller around Easter time and with John winning many awards for them in recent years, it's no wonder!

Pies and savoury goods are also big on the menu, although not traditionally what Danes would eat! John confesses not being overly fond of pies but came to realise that this was a necessary New Zealand addition to his European selection. John has even won numerous awards for his pies over the years at the National NZ Supreme Pie Competition. These include three golds and a silver for a chicken with asparagus and cashew nut, sweet pastry fruit pie, vegetarian and mince pie.

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