Sweet Treats - Copenhagen Bakery

The Copenhagen Bakery offers customers a vast array of fresh, delectable sweet treats set to make your mouth water. With an infinite selection of kiwi style and authentic Danish baked goods to choose from, the Copenhagen Bakery successfully caters to kiwis and tourists.

Customers can indulge themselves with small cakes, pastries, flans and tarts which are on offer each day. Big sellers consist of apple slice and custard vanilla bean slice, and the lemon-meringue and strawberry tarts. Even better is being able to enjoy them over a great cup of coffee in the cosy café. The selection of muffins and scones, authentic Danish goods and kiwi style cakes (like afghans and caramel slice) are so invitingly displayed that just one will certainly not be enough! All are crafted and dressed to perfection, adding something a little different from your average cake or slice, and consequently increasing its appeal.

Special occasion cakes, honey almond tarts and delightful real cream fruit gateaux are made available every day with the freshest ingredients. The Copenhagen Bakery can cater for your special occasion and can add a message or decorate your cake to individualise it.

The Copenhagen Bakery also provides customers with a wonderful assortment of petit fours and biscuits that are prepacked and available for purchase. Great with an afternoon cup of coffee, or, as the perfect gift.

Along with the variety of sweet treats available for daily purchase, the Copenhagen Bakery also creates designer cakes. Donna can arrange an appointment to discuss the variety of cakes available and to provide a quote.

Copenhagen Bakery