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Catering Tray Service


Catering service with products ordered on small/medium/large catering trays ready for presentation $5-$25 extra.
Please just add this option to your order, give us a call to discuss about more detail, or we will contact you if we need to, otherwise we will go ahead to place your order onto trays ready for your presentation and charge according to the size the order takes.

When you order products from our bakery, we can go one step further with presenting these items on catering trays, nicely arranged.
So the tray(s) are ready to serve and deliver to the table straight from our box without any self-handling or re-arranging.
The products will be placed on catering tray dollies, and sliced if necessary and/or heated and garnished ready to just place on the board room table! No fuss.
This is an extra charge for those customers unable or have no time to spend in the kitchen and wish for a presentable food service, not wrapped in cellophane or straight out of a box.